Group Medical Insurance

Successful Business Owners and Managers create a value proposition that attracts, retains and develops productive employees.

A medical scheme is a big part of this value proposition because research shows that Flexible working arrangements, Bonuses, and Private Health Insurance are the top three benefits rated by employees.

How do businesses benefit from employees with Health Insurance?

  • Winning Remuneration Package

A subsidised medical scheme is a prized benefit for employees.  You will attract and retain the very best staff.

  • Reduce absence

Subsidising employee health insurance can provide significant gains for you by reducing time off work due to medical reasons.

  • Protect Productivity

People are not as productive if they are unwell or highly stressed, but they still come to work.  The presentee problem is even bigger than the problem of absentees.  An average of 11 days per year compared with 4 absence days per year.

  • Minimise Work Disruption

Employees can have health treatment such as elective surgery at a convenient time, which helps to minimise disruption and downtime at work.

  • Reduce Stress

Having staff members away with illness increases the load and stress on productive team members.

  • Show employees that you appreciate them

A subsidised medical scheme demonstrates that you value your people

What is the cost of a Subsidised Scheme?

Work on a figure of $1,000 per annum per employee.

This will depend, however, upon the average age of your workforce and the actual benefits chosen, but the discounted wholesale rates for a group make it far less than if those workers were paying for cover themselves.  A subsidised scheme offers far better value than a pay rise of the same amount.

Fabulous Employee Concessions

For groups with more than 15 it is very likely that employees will be granted the concession of having all pre-existing medical conditions accepted.  Where the families of the employees are not part of the subsidised group, this wonderful benefit will also likely be extended to those families, if they take up additional cover which is paid for by the employee.  This additional cover will be offered at a large discount to normal retail rates.

To obtain a quote for your business, we need only a staff list of dates of birth and gender.

Auckland City Brokers Ltd deals only with the major health providers in New Zealand.

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